Lisbon: Treats and Eats

When eating in Lisbon, you must eat bacalhau, or codfish. It’s the specialty of Portugal. And of course, Port wine. Some restaurant highlights below:

1. Jardin de Graca

This restaurant is no frills but yummy and low-priced food.  Located in the Alfama district, you´ll find a family owned place that serves hearty portions with delicious codfish.  See pictures below

Lamb: approx 7 euros, jug of house wine: approx 2 euros
Codfish: approx 8 euros

DON’T FORGET to order the famous sheep cheese, Queijo de Azeitão: absolutely delicious.

2.  Faca e Garfo (Fork and Knife)

This restaurant is located in the Baixa district, quite close to the Convento do Carmen. I again had the codfish and Jorge roast chicken. We had red wine, cheese, a salad, the main dish, and 2 coffees, I think the total price was 22 euros. Definitely not bad.

Delicious Treats: Make sure you try the famous pastries Lisbon has, and of course above the delicious port wine.  Don’t feel bad drinking a lot, it´s supposed to help digestion!

Even more treats: take a trolley ride! The 28 is especially fun, it´s old school and goes from the Baixa up the hill to the Alfama. Watch your purse though-it’s a pickpockets galore.

One last and final treat. Wander the tiny streets of Lisbon and enjoy. There is famous tile everywhere and it’s run down in a charming way. Enjoy!

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