Spain’s Most Beautiful Beach!

I know I may be biased but after visiting the following beach areas of Cadiz, Barcelona, Malaga, Alicante, Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Fuerteventura, I have a very clear winner.

I have finally decided that the most gorgeous beach I have seen while here is El Cotillo in Fuerteventura.  The beach has several lagoons and beautiful white sands. There’s also volcanic rock amidst the sands and therefore there are many cool tide pools, fish, shells and interesting things to play around with and look at.  The waves are huge and crashing and the color of the water is a crystal clear blue-green, reminiscent of the Caribbean.

This beach is off the beaten path, however it’s not deserted.  It´s not a nude beach but you will see nudists here, so if that creeps you out, this beach is not for you. Also if you enjoy finding hermit crabs, seeing fish…it’s got marine life too!

Make sure to drive up to the main town of El Cotillo to enjoy some delicious seafood and wine just in time for the sunset.  I recommend the restaurant, La Vaca Azul, with delicious seafood and amazing views.

White sands, blue water.
Tide Pools.
Volcanic rock.
An El Cotillo sunset.
Finally, my favorite restaurant, La Vaca Azul. Head over for seafood and sunset.

One thought on “Spain’s Most Beautiful Beach!

  1. I am reading this on Jauary 27th. I look out the window at the”bouta give y’all a REAL winter” sky of Madrid and I want to go to the beaches NOW!!! ah!!!! They look and sound amazing!!!!


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