What to Wear Wine Tasting Part Deux

As you all may remember from my original What To Wear Wine Tasting post last year, I suggested wearing low heels or flats, dressing warmly and of course wearing dark colors.

This year I have a few small additions to make after my second year wine tasting in Logroño, Spain.   The weather this year was lovely, sunshiney and brisk but fairly warm.  I probably did not need a heavy winter coat, however once you are down in the wine cellars it does get a bit chilly, so the best solution is:

Wear a heavy scarf!

This will keep your neck warm in the chilly wine cellars and can double as a cape or “blanket” to be draped around your shoulders.  However, if you are outside and you begin to get warm, you can simply take it off, and it´s a lot easier to carry around than a heavy winter coat.  See examples of scarves below.

Holly, Desi, Heather and Norma, all with warm scarves.
Holly, Heather and I…as you can see we are sporting a no-jacket look with scarves
A closeup of Holly and Desi’s patterned scarves.
I could take over the world in my yellow-orange scarf.

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