Bonjour Paris!

I was conveniently in Paris last week, just in time for fashion week, and though I didn´t go to any shows, the whole ambiance of Paris is fashionable.  My favorite parts of the trip (besides spending some quality time with my favorite people in the world) were not only the tourist sights but the things that make Paris, well-Paris.  Quaint little boutiques, pastry shops, cafes, that clean, meticulous architecture, the emergence of some amazing street artists, the personal style of the french…etc!

Posted below are some special Paris photos I snapped during my travels. I hope you enjoy them!

View of Champs Elysees from up high

Eats and Drinks are a fabulous part of the Parisian culture.  You can never go wrong with wine and cheese at a cute little wine bar, and for dessert…of course, macarones.

Of course, you will always some fun and quirky things in any big city…(however I think only Paris serves Jean Paul Gautlier Diet Coke…!)


Here are some of the vintage shops and boutiques I passed.

Some wedges that I loved…

Finally me on my bike…cruisin!


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