La Bella Roma

Italy is one of favorite places to be in this world.  Not only do I love the stunning landscape, delicious food,  and fabulous fashion, it’s also home to my heritage and the Italian language makes me swoon.  Whenever I get the opportunity to visit I always love to focus on the special, little details…to me that´s what makes Italy a special place.

Enjoy a few highlights from my visit to Rome last weekend…!

Christmas tree made of bottles….very original!  And I like the recycling aspect of it!

I just love seeing bikes in cities.  Call me obsessed but there is something about people riding bikes around a large city that just warms my heart.

Europe wins when it comes to little stone fountains. Hands down.

Now for my fashion picks….I always think of all cities in Italy as being great shopping places….but truly, Rome has NOTHING on Milan.  However, I did see one small boutique I liked- Jodiel, and fell in love with these platforms in their window display.  Jodiel is locatd on Via Vittoria between Via del Corso and Via del Babuino.

I always love Miu Miu’s window display.  Everytime I go to Italy I have to stop and take a lot.  This trip’s glance did not disappoint.

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