Dancing Dreams of Cuba

2016 was an epic travel year, mainly because I was able to take my second trip to Cuba (plus trips to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Morocco, the UK, Senegal and more, but those I'll leave for another blog post). This visit allowed me to stray further out from the city to enjoy spots [...]

That Time I Ate My Weight In Street Food: Penang, Malaysia

Penang, Malaysia was a big surprise for me, as it’s so incredibly different than all the other spots in Malaysia I experienced. We spent a few days in the capital, Georgetown, which as you might be able to concur by the name was colonized by the British. The town is full of two-story British colonial [...]

What to Wear Wine Tasting Part Deux

As you all may remember from my original What To Wear Wine Tasting post last year, I suggested wearing low heels or flats, dressing warmly and of course wearing dark colors. This year I have a few small additions to make after my second year wine tasting in Logroño, Spain.   The weather this year was [...]

Why I Love Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is a gorgeous city and the best part-it's one of the cheapest cities in Europe I have visited. Highlights you can't miss: 1. The Roofless Convento Do Carmen Due to the 1755 earthquake, this church is left roofless but it's incredibly charming with it's mix of random items left here and there. 2. The [...]