La Bella Roma

Italy is one of favorite places to be in this world.  Not only do I love the stunning landscape, delicious food,  and fabulous fashion, it's also home to my heritage and the Italian language makes me swoon.  Whenever I get the opportunity to visit I always love to focus on the special, little me [...]

What to Wear Wine Tasting: Part Trois

This past weekend, (in addition to it being my birthday) was our annual girls wine tasting weekend in the Rioja region of Spain. The past two years, we´ve gone in winter, then fall, and this year we went quite a bit earlier, with almost summery temps, so below I have some ideas of what to wear [...]

Bonjour Paris!

I was conveniently in Paris last week, just in time for fashion week, and though I didn´t go to any shows, the whole ambiance of Paris is fashionable.  My favorite parts of the trip (besides spending some quality time with my favorite people in the world) were not only the tourist sights but the things [...]

What to Wear Wine Tasting Part Deux

As you all may remember from my original What To Wear Wine Tasting post last year, I suggested wearing low heels or flats, dressing warmly and of course wearing dark colors. This year I have a few small additions to make after my second year wine tasting in Logroño, Spain.   The weather this year was [...]