Why You Should Immediately Add Taipei To Your Travel Bucketlist

In all honesty, Taipei has never been a destination that was remotely on my radar. But when a friend moved there and I was planning a trip to Asia, I figured, why not tack on a few days in Taipei and check it out. I started my trip off in Hong Kong and then headed [...]


Rollin’ On The (Mekong) River

Sorry for the Tina Turner reference, just had to. Anyway, our two-day cruise up the Mekong river was one of the aspects of our trip I was most looking forward too, especially since we weren't able to cruise from Mandalay to Bagan in Myanmar along the Irawaddy River. We set off on a misty morning [...]

Natural Wonders: Halong Bay

I heard so many horror stories about terrible cruises through Halong Bay, so I was really nervous to embark on our two night, three day cruise. We'd read tons of Tripadvisor reviews and splurged a bit on a more expensive cruise to avoid all the awful stories we'd heard, like overcrowded boats, dirty and insect [...]