The Islands of the World’s Highest Navigable Lake: El Lago Titicaca

I knew that my Machu Picchu adventure would be pretty touristy – each year more and more tourists come and new regulations prohibit entrance without a guide, so I was hoping to do something a little more local when exploring Lake Titicaca. I found an agency, All Ways Travel, that would take you to various [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared to Visit Bogotá, Colombia

Once again, the media had succeeded in making me mildly nervous before traveling to Colombia.  I was told not to take taxis, not to dress provocatively (um, do I normally dress provocatively? Sheesh) and to watch my back at every turn. I read travel blogs talking about how men catcalled and whistled, even grabbed foreign [...]

The Beginning: Kuala Lumpur

After two overnight flights, we arrived in KL pretty delirious, but happy to be there. We grabbed the KLIA Express train after clearing customs and picking up our bags which took us to KL Sentral, the main train station. Our hotel, the Aloft KL Sentral, was actually accessible through walkways within this giant station/shopping mall, [...]